Water Filtration Technology Makes a Splash in South Pacific

Posted Mar 16th, 2017 in News

Water Filtration Technology Makes a Splash in South Pacific Imbibitive Technologies Corp (IMBTEC), manufacturers of Imbiber Beads®, the world’s only oil-sensitive super absorbent polymer is pleased to announce their newest International Distributor for the countries of Australia and New Zealand.

Norman G Clark (A/Asia) Pty Ltd, (Melbourne, Australia) is now officially representing the full suite of Imbiber Beads® technologies within the Spill Response, Pollution Prevention, Water Filtration and Custom Solutions markets.  Leveraging decades of experience in the industrial products industry and applying in-depth knowledge of water treatment and purification techniques, the team at Norman G Clark have already introduced this new technology to numerous contacts in the market.

“The Imbiber Beads® product line is quite complimentary to our existing product/service offerings at Norman G Clark” said Jack Clark, Principal Consultant with the company.  “The first time I saw the technology my mind immediately started racing with ideas because of my background in the water treatment industry”.  

“We have made several attempts to enter the Australia market over the years, but for some reason could not find the right fit.  During our first meeting with Rob Clark, my team and I knew Norman G Clark has the credentials, expertise and connections to properly represent Imbiber Beads® into the Australian market” said IMBTEC President/CEO John Brinkman.

About Norman G Clark Importers: Norman G Clark Pty Ltd is a privately-owned Australian company founded in 1919.  Today they are a manufacturer and importer of various industrial products as well as offering an engineering consulting service for water treatment and purification of industrial effluents.

About Imbibitive Technologies Corp.: Imbibitive Technologies is a specialty sorbent manufacturer and environmental technology solutions provider.  IMBTEC is the exclusive, world wide manufacturer of IMBIBER BEADS®, the only technology which meets ASTM International Performance Standards for the absorption of organic chemicals.  IMBIBER BEADS® are “engineered” to absorb/imbibe a broad range of organic liquids including gasoline, chlorinated solvents, Diluted Bitumen, condensate, crude oil, diesel, BTEX type solvents and jet fuels among thousands of others.