Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program

Environment Canada/Industry Canada  completed bench-scale testing using xylene and #2 diesel fuel, representative of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons respectively demonstrated that IMBIBER BEADS® are a true aBsorbent engineered for organic liquids, and that they will act as a point source control system and a spill immobilization product. 

For a product to qualify as a true aBsorbent swelling of the solid material must occur which indicates the integration of the liquid into the solid structure of the sorbent material. Compression of the swollen IMBIBER BEADS®, to approximately twice their diameter did not cause the beads to release their contents as a liquid. Depending upon the vapour pressure of the liquid absorbed, vapour will be released to varying degrees. 

The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program is a joint Environment Canada/Industry Canada initiative delivered by ETV Canada Inc. The ETV Program is designed to support Canada’s environment industry by providing credible and independent verification of environmental technology performance claims

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