IMBIBER BEADS® Awards & Certifications

The unique and superior performance capabilities of IMBIBER BEADS® have been recognized by some of the most respected institutions in the industry.

  • ASTM International Designation F 716-07

    IMBIBER BEADS® not only work well, they are the only certified, true aBsorbent of organic chemicals/hydrocarbons (oil, gas, diesel, BTEX, etc) per  ASTM International Standards . ASTM F 716-07 3.2.1 defines absorbent as "a material that picks up and retains a liquid distri...
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  • Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program

    Environment Canada/Industry Canada  completed bench-scale testing using xylene and #2 diesel fuel, representative of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons respectively demonstrated that I MBIBER BEADS® are a true aBsorbent engineered for organic liquids, and that they will act as a...
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  • Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Environmental

    Imbibitive Technologies is extremely proud, and honoured to announce we have been selected as the 2014 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Environmental category. The presentation was made the evening of Friday February 20th, at gala awards dinner featuring over 500 of Niagara's ...
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  • The Tech Museum Awards - Tech Laureate

    IMBIBER BEADS® Gravity Fed Containment Shut-Off Systems have been honored by the United Nations and the Tech Museum of Innovation for their contribution to protecting the environment. Problem Addressed: Statics continue to demonstrate that hydrocarbon contamination of groundwat...
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  • The White House: Closing The Circle Award - Environmental

    IMBIBER BEADS® Containment Shut-Off Systems were recognized and presented with a White House Closing The Circle Award in the Environmental Innovation category. The Containment Shut-Off Systems were successfully tested by the Air Force's Management and Equipment Evaluation Program (ME...
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