Super aBsorbent IMBIBER BEADS®

Imbibitive Technologies is a specialty sorbent manufacturer and environmental solutions provider.

Our proprietary product, IMBIBER BEADS®, meets ASTM International Standards as a super aBsorbent polymer and is the common tie in all of our environmental cleanup and mitigation products.

IMBIBER BEADS® are spherical plastic particles that ‘IMBIBE’, drink–in or aBsorb a very broad cross section of the organic chemical spectrum.

The polymer particles are solid (about the size of a salt or sugar granule). There are no pores or voids to fill (as in a sponge).

IMBIBER BEADS® swollen with liquid

Once contact has been made with a compatible liquid, the IMBIBER BEADS® drink the liquid into their solid structure and in so doing, swell. This can be up to 27 volumes per original IMBIBER BEADS® volume with some liquids. See image of swollen beads shown here at right.

The IMBIBER BEADS® will not release liquid, not through compression, gravitational pull, not even when cut in half. The liquid is held in the molecular structure – not in droplets.

Engineered for both land and water based spills, IMBIBER BEADS® aBsorb over 1,000 different organic chemicals.

Download the IMBIBER BEADS® aBsorption Compatibility List