Custom Manufacturing Incorporating IMBIBER BEADS®

With the imbibing/aBsorbing capabilities of IMBIBER BEADS®, the number of applications are endless.

Absorption benefits of the beads can be and have been successfully applied across numerous business channels.


Often military personnel are subjected to very dangerous circumstances and environments. IMBIBER BEADS® are working to address some of the most prevalent dangers our service men and women face.

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Consumer Package Goods

Imbibitive Technologies is excited to be working with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and Fortune 500 companies to provide aBsorption solutions for consumer products incorporating IMBIBER BEADS®.

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Law Enforcement

Federal, state and local enforcement officers deal with criminals on a daily basis who are continually evolving and trying to gain a “leg up” on law enforcement. The proprietary technology of IMBIBER BEADS® is helping keep our police men and women safe while they are working to keep the rest of us safe.