The Tech Museum Awards - Tech Laureate

IMBIBER BEADS® Gravity Fed Containment Shut-Off Systems have been honored by the United Nations and the Tech Museum of Innovation for their contribution to protecting the environment.

Problem Addressed:

Statics continue to demonstrate that hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater, rivers, lakes and storage facilities continues to impact world water supplies in spite of increased environmental legislation and enforcement.  Environmental authorities have identified human error and the failure of existing technologies to prevent releases into the environment, as the main contributors to this problem. 

Technology Solution:

IMBIBER BEADS® aBsorbent polymers are unaffected by water but will integrate hazardous chemicals and oils into their solid, spherical structure, thereby eliminating re-contamination of the environment during spills and drastically reduces hazardous air emissions.  IMBIBER BEADS® have been incorporated into drain protection systems in order to aBsorb organic polluntants.  As they do so, they swell up to three times their original size and close-off the void space between the spherical IMBIBER BEADS®, effectively sealing the leak path without the requirement of electronic sensors, electricity or any moving parts.  Contaminants are prevented from entering the environment through sewers and drains.

The IMBIBER BEADS® drain protection systems was chosen from a field of 307 outstanding candidates representing 50 countries.  Per the Tech Museum " you represent the best of the best technologists whose innovations benefit humanity and we welcome you into our community of Tech Laureates".

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