African Expansion For Environmental Group

Posted Jul 29th, 2014 in News

African Expansion For Environmental Group


Allan Grawey
Imbibitive Technologies Inc.
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International Environmental Company Gains Foothold In Africa
IMBIBER BEADS® To Be Represented In 13 African Markets.    

Niagara, Canada - Maumelle, Arkansas - Midland, Michigan:
Imbibitive Technologies Inc (IMBTEC), a specialty sorbent manufacturer and world wide, exclusive producers of the “oil sensitive” super absorbent polymer IMBIBER BEADS® is pleased to announce the signing of their second international distributor for Q1 2014.   

Following the recent signing of Ecoterra (representing Mexico), IMBTEC has just come to terms with Adventium Global Inc who will represent the full IMBIBER BEADS® product line in 13 African Markets including: Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Niger, Guinea, Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, and Côte D’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Namibia and the Republic of Benin.  IMBTEC initially began conversations with Adventium at the Clean Gulf Oil Spill Conference in November of 2013.  Negotiations progressed over several months and following a recent product training workshop the formal partnership agreement was finalized.   

“The entire African continent has been a focus of many businesses over the past few years because of the great opportunity within these emerging markets.  IMBTEC is anticipating great mutual success with Adventium who brings to the relationship many existing relationships across many geographic areas” said IMBTEC President/CEO John Brinkman.   

Adventium will represent the full IMBIBER BEADS® product line encompassing all organic chemical (Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, + thousands more) spills response products, IMBTEC’s award winning drain protection systems, storm water filters and water recycling technologies related to processed and produced water.   

“The world is witness to the catastrophic, man made environmental issues facing Africa, Adventium’s goal is to mitigate the impact of these eco-damaging practices and to fix the mistakes of the past.  We know IMBIBER BEADS® will be an integral part of the solution” said Bawo Oyowe, Senior Vice President for Adventium.   

About Imbibitive Technologies Corp.: Imbibitive Technologies ( is a specialty sorbent manufacturer and environmental technology provider.  IMBTEC is the exclusive, world wide manufacturer of IMBIBER BEADS®, the only technology which meets ASTM International Performance Standards for absorbent of organic chemicals in the world. 

IMBIBER BEADS® are “engineered” to absorb/imbibe a broad range of organic liquids including gasoline, engine oil, crude oil, diesel, BTEX type solvents and jet fuels among thousands of others.   IMBTEC was recently selected as the best technology for spill recovery of the 162 highest volume Hazardous & Noxious Substances (HNS) imported into Japan resulting in a strategic national deployment at 23 major seaports across the country.