Environmental Award Presented To IMBIBER BEADS®

Posted Feb 23rd, 2015 in News

Environmental Award Presented To IMBIBER BEADS®

Imbibitive Technologies is extremely proud, and honoured to announce we have been selected as the 2014 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Environmental category. The presentation was made the evening of Friday February 20th, at gala awards dinner featuring over 500 of Niagara's most successful business leaders.

The Environmental Enterprise award, presented by Walker Environmental Group acknowledges an entrepreneur who's company; produces a product, provides a service, or is a manufacturer of systems which have a positive impact on the environment.

"This award validates the hard work which has been completed over the past two and a half years and will help drive us forward on our next project; the HEROS™ Fast Attack Spill Response System."

John S. Brinkman, President