Oil Spill Response Technology Finds New Home In The Caribbean

Posted Jun 8th, 2015 in News

Oil Spill Response Technology Finds New Home In The Caribbean
Imbiber Beads® Expands into Caribbean Oil & Gas Sector
Finalizes terms for Caribbean representation.

Niagara, Canada - Maumelle, Arkansas - Midland, Michigan:

Imbibitive Technologies Corp (IMBTEC), specialty sorbent manufacturer and world wide, single-source producer of the world’s only “oil sensitive” super absorbent polymer IMBIBER BEADS®, is pleased to announce the signing of its newest International Distributor, located in the Caribbean.

Continuing what has been an impressive progression for IMBTEC (signing distribution deals for over 20 countries in the past year), as of May 15, 2015 the environmental technology provider has entered into a distribution agreement with Tee Tee Importers based out of Trinidad and Tobago. Recently, representatives from both organizations met for a three day product training workshop, which was followed by the official execution of the agreement.

“IMBTEC is very excited to have come to terms with Tee Tee and enlist their support. Their strong relationships throughout the region and past successes in similar lines of business are cause for great optimism moving forward,” said IMBTEC President/CEO John Brinkman.

Tee Tee will represent the full suite of IMBIBER BEADS® oil/hazardous and noxious substance spill response and pollution prevention technologies in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, St. Lucia, Suriname, St. Kitts & Nevis and Barbados.

“When people think of the Caribbean they think of crystal blue water and white sand beaches. What they do not think of is the ever-increasing threat to this region by a growing oil & petrochemical industry. Having been born and raised in this pristine environment we felt the need to do our part to protect this piece of paradise for future generations. This involved finding and partnering with what we consider is the best available technology for addressing spills, IMBIBER BEADS®”, stated Paul Decle, Director of Tee Tee Importers.

About Tee Tee Importers: Tee Tee Importers is a dedicated importing/exporting organization throughout the Caribbean. Tee Tee works with both public as well as private organizations representing a wide range of technologies and products.

About Imbibitive Technologies Corp.: Imbibitive Technologies (www.Imbiberbeads.com) is a specialty sorbent manufacturer and environmental technology provider. IMBTEC is the exclusive, world wide manufacturer of IMBIBER BEADS®, the only technology which meets ASTM International Performance Standards for absorbent of organic chemicals in the world.

IMBIBER BEADS® are “engineered” to absorb/imbibe a broad range of organic liquids including gasoline, crude oil, diesel, BTEX type solvents and jet fuels among thousands of others. IMBTEC was recently selected as the best technology for spill recovery of the 162 highest volume Hazardous & Noxious Substances (HNS) imported into Japan resulting in a strategic national deployment at 23 major seaports across the country.