UK Environmental Study Reveals Best Technology

Posted Jun 16th, 2015 in News

UK Environmental Study Reveals Best Technology
IMBIBER BEADS® Highways Mix™ out performs 10 other sorbent products.

Imbibitive Technologies Corp (IMBTEC), the single-source producer of the world’s only “oil sensitive” super absorbent polymer IMBIBER BEADS®, is pleased to announce that IMBIBER BEADS® Highways Mix™ has proven to be the best technology in addressing safety and environmental concerns related to Motorway fuel spills across the United Kingdom. The three year (3-year) lab and field study by the UK Federal Government’s Highways Agency, in cooperation with the Transport Research Laboratory, was in response to a rash of automobile and motorcycle fatalities due in part to incomplete or ineffective fuel spill clean-up .

The Highways Agency was interested in finding the most cost-effective product to more efficiently clean roadway spills and commissioned an independent, third-party, multi-stage investigation for use of the materials in mitigating diesel fuel and petrol spillages.

IMBIBER BEADS® Highways Mix™ demonstrated superior performance capabilities including:

The ability to reduce spill clean-up time by 60% over traditional methods
The ability to reduce fuel damage to the road surface and eliminate the need for costly milling and repairing
Greatest absorbency by volume, up to 300% greater than other test sorbents
The ability to reduce disposal costs
The ability to eliminate secondary contamination of the surrounding environment
The ability to more effectively clean diesel fuel “smear” and improve skid resistance

IMBTEC President/CEO John Brinkman - “I worked closely on this project and believed we had provided a superior technology for the study; these science-backed and real-world findings give Highways Mix™ a whole new level of credibility”.