New technology visually enhances cleanup process for fuels and solvents

Posted Apr 7th, 2016 in News

New technology visually enhances cleanup process for fuels and solvents
Activation Awareness Technology™ changes color in presence of organic chemicals

Imbibitive Technologies Corp (IMBTEC) continues to be a leader in promoting innovations for advancing the global spill response and pollution prevention industry. Imbiber Beads® (IMBTEC’s flagship product) remains the world’s only oil-sensitive, super-absorbent for organic chemicals. Now, the next rung on the spill response ladder has been reached.

“Adding another leading-edge piece of technology to our suite of spill response tools further positions Imbiber Beads® products well in advance of anything else currently available on the market,” said IMBTEC President/CEO John Brinkman. "Many fuels and solvents are colorless and when fuel or solvent spills happen it is often difficult to visually observe where the spill is. Our new Activation Awareness Technology™ (AAT™) eliminates the guess-work; you not only can actually see Imbiber Beads® removing the contaminant but you can also observe when the product is saturated and needs to be exchanged for a fresh unit."

Imbiber Beads® Activation Awareness Technology™ (AAT™) is the only color changing indication product on the spill response market. It has the ability to change the color when interacting with organic liquids – going from white in it’s natural state to pink at activation to a strong red at saturation. This provides responders with a visual alert as to when the chemicals is being absorbed.