Imbiber Beads Imbicator Packets

DESIGNED FOR: Medium and large oil/fuel road and rail spills, pipeline leakage, hydrocarbon waste spills.

IDEAL FOR: Road and rail spills, pipeline spills, open water spills, fuelling areas, loading docks, storage facilities, separation ponds and oil water separators.

COMPATIBLE WITH: All organic liquids including: oil, diesel, gasoline, spirits, crude oil, kerosene, oleic acid and others. Download Full Compatibility List »

IMBIBER BEADS® Blankets Information

IMBIBER BEADS® Blankets are the most popular specialty sorbent product sold by Imbibitive Technologies and are perfectly suited for the containment and capture of significant organic chemical spills.

Package Type: Carton
Product Code: IM2142
Quantity Per Carton: 2
Includes: 2 Disposable Vapor Containment Bags


Performance Features

Unmatched Absorbing By Volume

Each bead has a marveous capability to swell up to 27 times in volume, when absorbing oil/fuel chemicals. No other technology in the world is even close to this!

Permanent Containment

IMBIBER BEADS® will not release liquid under any circumstances, not through gravitational pull or compression, not even when cut in half.

Toxic Vapor Reduction

Imbiber Beads minimize worker exposure to hazardous vapors, minimize atmospheric pollution, dramatically reduce risk of toxication, fire and explosion.

Color Changing Technology

AAT provides a visual alert when the chemicals have been absorbed. The unique ability of the product is that it can both indicate that organic fluid is present and absorb it promptly and effectively.

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Unaffacted By Water

 IMBIBER BEADS are water resistant and don't react with water. It aBsorbs only organic HazMat materials.

Indefinite Shelf Life

IMBIBER BEADS have no expiry date. It is long-term storage product and does not change its capabilities for long time.


Disposal of IMBIBER BEADS® should be in accordance with Local, State, Provincial or Federal Regulations. The disposal procedure should be that used for the fluid imbibed. Unused bead products can be treated as normal plastic.

Cost Effectiveness

IMBIBER BEADS® can help with cleanup cost savings and mitigation of penalties. It has been tested and awarded as a superior performance and cost effective when compared to 10 other sorbent products for cleaning up fuel spills.




Unit Dimensions 21" x 42" 53.3cm x 106.7cm
Package Size (L x W x H) 7.8 x 6.5 x 22.5 19.8 x 16.5 x 57
Package Weight  2 LBS 0.9 KG
Package Gross Weight 10 LBS 4.5 KG
Pallet/Skid Quantity 60 Cartons 60 Cartons
aBsorption Capabity - Up To Aromatics (Class I - Gasoline)
Per Unit 4 Gallons 15.3 L
Per Package 8 Gallons 30.6 L
aBsorption Capabity - Up To Aliphatics (Class II - Diesel)
Per Unit 2.8 Gallons 10.6 L
Per Package 5.6 Gallons 21.2 L

NOTE: An increase or decrease in fluid viscosity will impact directly upon the rate of imbibition. IMBIBER BEADS® will not change the fundamental characteristics of the fluid absorbed. Imbibed fluids should be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Loose IMBIBER BEADS® may cause a hard surface to become slippery.

IMPORTANT: Imbibitive Technologies Corporation does not recommend the use of IMBIBER BEADS® or any other finely divided organic sorbent material with oxidizers.