Imbiber Beads Imbicator Packets

DESIGNED FOR: Sealing ditch areas and preventing further penetration of hydrocarbons into soil, reducing time and cost of after roads accidents cleanup.

IDEAL FOR: Addressing fuel spills on hard serfaces (roads, rail, industrial manufacturing, driways).

COMPATIBLE WITH:  Oil, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, transmission fluid, other chemicals. Download Full Compatibility List »

IMBIBER BEADS® Highways Mix Information

IMBIBER BEADS® Highways Mix is sand/bead blend, which can be used to dike spills on hard surfaces and protect drains and sewers from becoming contaminated. It is ideal for sealing ditch areas and preventing further penetration of hydrocarbons (oil, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, transmission fluid) into soil.

Package Type: Jerry Can
Product Code: IM5050
Quantity Per Carton: 25LBS


Performance Features

Unmatched Absorbing By Volume

Highway Mix captures and contains spilled organic liquids completely and eliminates the risk of repeat contamination.

Permanent Containment

IMBIBER BEADS Highways Mix eliminates the risk of repeat contamination and further penetration of liquid into the surface.

Toxic Vapor Reduction

Highway Mix significantly reduces vapor concentrations after fuel spills (600% less), lower explosive limit and risk of fire.

Unaffacted By Water

Highway Mix doesn't interact with rain water or snow, which reduces unnecessary waste.

Indefinite Shelf Life

IMBIBER BEADS® have no expiry date. It is long-term storage product and does not change its capabilities for long time.


Disposal of IMBIBER BEADS® should be in accordance with Local, State, Provincial or Federal Regulations. The disposal procedure should be that used for the fluid imbibed. Unused bead products can be treated as normal plastic.

Cost Effectiveness

IMBIBER BEADS® can help with cleanup cost savings and mitigation of penalties. It has been tested and awarded as a superior performance and cost effective when compared to 10 other sorbent products for cleaning up fuel spills.




Unit Dimensions N/A N/A
Package Size (L x W x H) 7.5 x 7.5 x 13.5 19 x 16 x 34.3
Package Weight  1.5 LBS 0.7 KG
Package Gross Weight 26.5 LBS 12 KG
Pallet/Skid Quantity 27 Jerry Cans 27 Jerry Cans
aBsorption Capabity - Up To Aromatics (Class I - Gasoline)
Per Unit N/A N/A
Per Package 17 Gallons 64 L
aBsorption Capabity - Up To Aliphatics (Class II - Diesel)
Per Unit N/A N/A
Per Package 12 Gallons 45 L

NOTE: An increase or decrease in fluid viscosity will impact directly upon the rate of imbibition. IMBIBER BEADS® will not change the fundamental characteristics of the fluid absorbed. Imbibed fluids should be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Loose IMBIBER BEADS® may cause a hard surface to become slippery.

IMPORTANT: Imbibitive Technologies Corporation does not recommend the use of IMBIBER BEADS® or any other finely divided organic sorbent material with oxidizers.